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A Better East Texas: Postal Service

What comes to mind when you see a sign that says, "This Line Closed"? If you're like me you think of the Post Office. We've all been there standing in that long line which never seems to move. Of course at the counter (supposedly built for six staffers), stands a lone postal employee.

So you think about leaving but you know the USPS has you trapped. After all, it may be called "snail mail" but it's still quicker than driving your package across the country yourself. One would hope.

Some of you may have seen our recent story about a safety award our Tyler postal facility received from OSHA. It was an impressive ceremony complete with local dignitaries.   We should be proud of the hard-working men and women whose accomplishments were recognized.

But as a viewer sitting at home I wonder.  A safety award? How is this going to affect me? Is all this "to do" going to shorten my wait the next time I mail a package for my mom's birthday?

Now I am by no means criticizing the employees who are there to wait on me at my Post Office. These folks are always cordial and helpful when my turn comes.  Granted, it must not be easy when you spend the day with a roomful of impatient, agitated people staring at you; all of them wondering what mysterious tasks your fellow co-workers are performing behind that wall.

I've got to hand it to them it's a tough job they perform every day, and the staffing regulations are not their fault. So when is the US Postal Service - notice the word service in their name - going to get it? We just want to be waited on in a timely manner. We're not looking for high-speed internet, just something a little more high-tech than the Pony Express.

Well I have no pull with a huge governmental agency. But as the General Manager of this station, I can recognize a few folks who provide great customer service at our local postal facilities with your help.

 If you know a Post Office worker who goes the extra mile to serve you-- someone who's making this a Better East Texas-- e-mail me here at the station. If you don't have e-mail-I guess you can always send a letter.

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