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Lindale QB Excelling On And Off Field

No offense, but, Lindale senior quarterback Lucas Shipman is a freak of nature. He's too small, at 5'9", to be playing the position, yet in two games this year, both wins for the Eagles, he has accounted for more than 650 all-purpose yards and 8 touchdowns. But here's the kicker. He's also a straight "A" student, blowing the dumb jock stigma completely out of the water.

"He learned that early on that football players, or maybe just good athletes in general had that stigma," said his Dad, Monte Shipman, "and I think that helped make him even more committed to be just as competitive in the classroom."

"Everybody really respects him for it," said Lindale wide receiver Seth Bauman, who has been on the receiving end of four of Shipman's five touchdown passes, "and if they ever need help with their homework, they always go to Lucas first."

"It's a privilege to go to school everyday and learn as much as you can," said Shipman, "and be able to come out and play football."

Wise words for a teenager. But it's exactly what Eagles head coach Mike Meador likes to hear. He and his coaching staff stress the importance of trying to create more than just a good football player.

"He is the extreme of the characteristics that we're building," said Meador.  "He's a captain, he's one of our Eagle Council. He is number two in his class. I mean he is just... You know, when you want your kid to grow up to be like somebody, that's Lucas Shipman."

Shipman and the Eagles have a big test Friday against former district rival Van. 

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