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Kids Get In On The Ballroom Craze

Meet twin sisters Rachel and Raven, 13 year-old siblings who share a passion for ballroom dance.

"I love it," says Rachel.

"I just love doing it," says Raven.

The two have only been taking lessons for a few years, but ballroom dancing is in their blood. Their father, Sal, is also their dance teacher.

"They used to watch me and whomever I was teaching and mock us," says Sal.

Now the girls are growing up, and they're taking dance lessons from their dad every week. Just like on the television show, Sal does plenty of correcting.

"With your own kids, it's a little harder. You expect a little bit more from them than you would from anyone else," says Sal.

The girls say before Dancing With The Stars debuted, their friends had a hard time understanding their hobby. Now, some of them want to try it for themselves.

"My friend Joshua, he wants to learn how to dance. Then, maybe we can partner up and compete," says Raven.

Raven and Rachel say they hope to someday dance as well as their mother. From the looks of things, they're well on their way. In August, the two competed in the Bourbon Street Bash in New Orleans. They danced ten dances each, and won first place in every category.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:

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