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Students And Faculty Remember A Long-Time Teacher

Family, friends, colleagues and students remember a veteran East Texas teacher today. Sixty-seven-year-old Dolores Crain passed away yesterday after having an apparent heart attack in a Longview High School work room. After being discovered by another teacher, she was rushed to the hospital where she died. Students, past and present, say Mrs. Crain was one of the best.

Ask anyone who knew Dolores Crain and they'd tell you--she was a friend first, a teacher second. "She loved her students...they always knew that they had hope with her, that she was not going to give up on them," says Jeanne Thompson, Longview High School's Math Department Chair.

Mrs. Crain taught math at Longview High School for the past 37 years. Dorothy Floyd had her as a teacher nearly 30 years ago. Now, she too works at LHS. "The way she carried herself, you could always talk to her and she was a very, very spiffy dresser I mean you always knew Mrs. Crain was in the room," Dorothy says.

Kenneth Palmer was a student of hers this year. He says he'll never forget..."the way she talked and her smile...before the bell would ring, I'd sit outside the hallway, talk to her everyday ask her how her day was going," Kenneth says.

Past and present, people who knew Mrs. Crain say she was truly dedicated to her students. "They were many days when she probably didn't feel the best, but she made it a point to be here so that she could help the kids," says Principal Milton Wallace.

"She could have retired many years ago, but she enjoyed coming up here and being with the kids and being with us...she died doing what she loved to do," says Jeanne.

A passion that made her a very special teacher to the lives she touched. "I will miss her, I miss her as a co-worker. I will miss her a past teacher, but most of all, I will miss her as a friend," Dorothy says.

Grief counselors are on hand to help students and faculty. Funeral services for Dolores Crain will be held this Friday at 3 o'clock at T.G. Field Auditorium in Longview. Longview High School students will be dismissed at 1:45 that day so they may attend the service.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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