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Bike Ride Fundraiser Held For Henderson Police Officer

Dozens of bikers turned out for a benefit  for a Henderson Police Officer paralyzed in a car crash on August 29th while responding to a drunk driver call.  He's currently undergoing rehabilitation in a central Texas hospital.

Before the crash, Lt. Rickey Turner loved motorcycles and started the Guardian Motorcycle Club in Henderson.

When friends and fellow officers heard about Lt. Turner's crash, they felt completely helpless.

Jason Rimone, a co-worker, remembers showing up for his shift that day.  "They said, 'Look! Rickey had a wreck last night,' and I walked around and saw the vehicle," said Rimone.

Elaine Crippen is married to a fellow officer and was at the hospital the night of the crash. That's where the idea for the benefit was born.

In just more than a week, a benefit was organized including a silent auction, a hamburger cook off and a rally that would attract bikers from all over East Texas. The events raised more than $20,000 for Rickey and his family.

"With his wife not able to work now, we're just hoping that they can concentrate on Rickey's recovery and not have to worry about everything else," said Elaine.

Organizers say Rickey loves the open road, and they wanted to be sure a part of him was along for the 70-mile journey. A uniformed bear, complete with H.P.D. pins and a Guardian Bike Club patch rode along with the police chief as he lead the pack.

In a phone interview from his hospital bed in Temple, TX, Rickey said all of the gestures are overwhelming.  "There's really no words. It's just the way that group of people is. Those are my friends, and that's my family,"said Turner.

Friends say Rickey has a long road ahead of him, and they want to organize a few more fundraisers. Right now, they're cooking up plans for a November fish fry. They say it's the least they can do for their friend who's given so much to his community.

Lindsay Wilcox, Reporting.


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