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East Texas Boy's Photo To Be Displayed in Times Square

An 8 year-old boy is bringing East Texas to the Big Apple. To kick off National Down Syndrome Awareness month in October, New York City is hosting a "Buddy Walk" to raise awareness. Part of that walk includes a special presentation that puts one East Texan front and center.

He's just like you and me, but his picture is about to be displayed on the Jumbo-Tron in Times Square, New York City. "I was so excited and I've been shouting it from the rooftops...he's gonna be on the big TV in Times Square so we're very excited," says Amy Trayweek, Zach's Mom.

Eight-year-old Zach Jordan acts like a typical third grader, but he lives everyday with Down Syndrome.  "They're just like you and me, they're just a little different," Amy says. 

Zach's Mom entered his photo into a contest held by the National Down Syndrome  Society and it was chosen to be one of 250 pictures shown in a video presentation. 

"It's helps promote awareness and inclusion in society for kids like Zach because I just, you know, so many things are in spotlight like MDA and that's great, but Down Syndrome just kind of falls by the wayside I think sometimes," says Amy.

The photo was taken at a field trip to a farm. Zach picked up a little grasshopper and the rest is history.

"We knew when we found out he was selected, they didn't tell us which picture, but we knew that it would be that one," says Richard Trayweek, Zach's stepdad.

And chosen it was--Zach and his family leave for New York next Friday. "He'll live it up in New York...words can't describe how excited he'll be when he sees his face up on the screen," says Richard.

A big adventure for a big star...and to his Mom and family--a big blessing. "He is the joy of my life," says his Mom.

The national Buddy Walk presentation in New York City will take place on Sunday, September 17th.   In East Texas, the local Down Syndrome Society is hosting a "Buddy Walk" of its own. That will be Sunday, October 28th at Teague Park in Longview...everyone is invited.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.

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