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Price And Taste Test: Organic Vs. Conventional Foods

We told you earlier this week, the demand for organic food is flooding the grocery store shelves. Some say organic food tastes better and is healthier for you but, not everyone is sold on this. KLTV 7's put East Texans' taste buds to the test and found out how much more money you'll have to shell out to go organic.  

We purchased 5 organic and conventional items, which were grapes (organic $3.99 per pound and conventional $2.49 per pound) chips (organic $4.09 and conventional $2.29).  Then we went the dairy section, for yogurt (organic $.94 and conventional $.65), milk (organic $2.99 and conventional $2.58) and orange juice (organic $3.49 and conventional $2.51).

Then it's time to check out. Once at check out, the price difference between the 5 organic and conventional items was almost $7.00.  But will the taste pay off?

"Normally, I buy conventional foods because it's cheaper and I really haven't broken into the hole organic system," says Luke Griffin.

"We usually do a mix," says Jenni Kimmel.

"We buy organic.  We recently changed our lifestyle to get away from chemicals and pesticides and things," says Brent Lemmons.

And the taste test begins with milk.

"Number two (conventional) because it tastes better," says Luke.

"This one is almost impossible to tell," says Brent.

But Effie Davis chooses the organic.

"They had a taste that I like they taste better. The conventional one have a extra sugar and extra salt and extra everything," says Effie.

Like the milk, taste testers had mixed reviews went it came to orange juice.

Now on to chips...

"There is a little difference in the taste and texture, not enough, I would go with the cheaper one," says Luke.

Luke goes with the conventional and Effie goes for the organic.

"This one it tastes better and not as salty," says Effie.

Then the yogurt.

Brent chooses the organic.

"It's not overly sweet and the other one is very sweet... that one (conventional) was full of sugar, I can tell," says Brent.

"I like this one (conventional) it tastes better," says Margaric Hightower.

And finally the grapes.

"Those really taste the exact same," says Jenni.

In all, our tasters were split down the middle. Many chose the items that they normally purchase.

"Stick with the conventional because I know it best and it's cheaper," says Luke.

"Taste has nothing to do with it just what gets inside of your body.  I would rather have the hormones, pesticides and chemical free any day," says Brent.

Margaric was the only one who says she may switch from conventional to organic foods because she thinks it may be better for her kids.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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