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East Texas Family Wakes Up To Gunfire, Shooter Still On The Loose

Awakened by gun fire, just feet away from her bed... That's what some Tyler residents experienced this morning. The drive by shooting happened before 6 o'clock this morning in the 2300 block of Garden Valley Road in Tyler, that's just a few blocks away from the old Ramey Elementary School.

The family of five were at home at the time of the drive by shooting.  KLTV 7 spoke with a family member who says she doesn't know why they were targeted.

"My parents are very friendly and they have a lot of friend and no enemies and my me and my brother, nothing.  We have no idea who might have done this," says Alicia Valle.

She says she was sound asleep when heard the gun shots.

"I was laying down in my room, right here (pointing to her bed) and then I heard gun shots.  At first I thought it was some fireworks and I thought it was fireworks and then I thought no those are too loud why would they be throwing fireworks over here and then I got scared," says Alicia.

She says she then ran to check on her parents and two brothers. Next door, Alicia's relatives also heard the gun fire.

"We heard bullets, well may parents did.  I was sleeping and they told us not to turn the lights on and we just got on floor and called the cops.  Last week they ripped the glass off of our Explorer and now put bullets on my uncle's Escalade, I really don't know what is going on," says Anayeli Valle.

The bullets hit this black Escalade, just feet away from Alicia's window. She says her father normal parks his truck in front of her bedroom window but didn't last night.  

"The way they shot it, something could of happened to me.  So I'm really thankful everybody is okay and I'm okay," says Alicia.

She took us on a tour.. To show us how the bullets bounced around the house.  

"I think it hit the window and some how came through here and over here to the ceiling and then the sink," says Alicia.

Police say whoever shot at the house; later wrecked this red truck into the woods just a 2 houses down. Both families say they now feel less secure in their own neighborhood.

Police did take the suspect's vehicle into custody and are collecting evidence from it. If you have any information on who drives this red 1998 Ford Ranger Truck with license plate number 528CTG, please call Tyler police.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com

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