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New CT imaging system introduced at ETMC Tyler

New CT imaging system introduced at ETMC Tyler

This fall ETMC Tyler is taking the next step forward in healthcare imaging technology with the introduction of the LightSpeed 64-slice CT (computed tomography) imaging system.

According to Bill Tobin, director of radiology at the hospital, ETMC Tyler is one of the first medical facilities in the Tyler area to offer patients this state-of-the-art, innovative technology, which provides highly detailed images of the human body. The CT system non-invasively helps physicians diagnose a variety of anatomical areas, such as the spine, head, abdomen, chest and vascular system, including detailed imaging of the heart.

During a typical CT procedure with the new system, the patient is placed on a table and moved through the CT gantry (a donutshaped device), which houses an X-ray tube and detector array. Thousands of X-ray measurements are acquired as the X-ray tube rotates around the patient and sends images to the detector array.

The scanner's 64 detectors simultaneously take high-resolution images, which form a dataset used to create superior 3-D images on a computer screen. This imaging technique avoids any superimposition of organs or tissues upon one another.

The LightSpeed CT scanner, manufactured by GE Healthcare, provides physicians with high resolution images in a fraction of the time previously required, allowing them to more accurately diagnose a wider variety of patient conditions.

"The LightSpeed system features groundbreaking technology that allows image acquisition in roughly five heartbeats," Tobin said. "That means even older patients with more serious health problems can hold their breath and remain still long enough for a scan and allow us to obtain a crisper image with fewer artifacts."

The LightSpeed CT system is now available to patients inside the ETMC Tyler radiology department, allowing easy access from the emergency room.

For more information on this system or CT exams call 903-596-3863 or1-888-884-3862.

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