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9/7/06-Smith County

Majority Of US Representatives Vote In Favor Of Anti Horse Slaughter

Many see it as a victory for horses. Today, the House of Representatives voted yes to HR 503, known as the anti- horse slaughter bill.  The bill bans the transport, possession and sale of horse meat for human consumption.  Here's a look at how your representatives voted:   Representative Louie Gohmert voted no, against the bill that would prevent horse slaughter. Representative Jeb Hensarling also voted no.  Representative Ralph Hall voted yes.

Congressman Gohmert issued this statement about his vote, saying, "Passage of this bill would no doubt cost taxpayer dollars, jobs, and potentially adversely affect the market for horses... I simply had to vote against the bill, though I greatly empathize with some of the concerns of the bill's advocates."

East Texans have been divided on the issue. Ranchers say they do not know where they will go to get rid of unwanted horses in the future.

"I would much rather see my horse slaughtered in a humane way than to suffer the tragedies of miss treatment and abuse from not being cared for," says Carol Mills, Rancher.

"We are half way there and have the senate to go through and sit it on the presidents desk and get it signed," says Mary Beth Petrakian, horse owner.

Two of the three processing plants in the US are located in Texas. A representative from Dallas Crown the slaughter house in Kaufman says, if the bill passes the senate, they would be forced to close their doors.   And they say, would have an economic impact of $41 million dollars to the Kaufman community.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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