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Trinity Gets A New Home

As Dr. Sharon Phillips waited on Trinity's new owners to arrive, she could hardly contain her excitement.

"I am so excited. I am going to cry like a baby, because I've had her for three weeks, but it is such a special story," says Phillips.

Dr. Phillips has been taking round-the-clock care of Trinity since she landed in her office last month.

Tonight, she'll say good-bye to the shelty who stole her heart and send her off to her new home.

"It's a happy sad. I love to see her go to a home where she'll be loved, and she'll be the only dog. So, she'll be very pampered," says Phillips.

Trinity is newest member of the Massey family.  She's the very first dog three year olds Caleb and Jacob have ever had. When their father James saw Trinity on the news, he just knew Jacob would have an instant connection with her. That's because Jacob suffers from the same heart condition Trinity did.

"There's a little flap everybody has when they're born, and when you take your first breath of air, the flap closes. Jacobs didn't," says James.

If his heart doesn't close up in the next year or so, Jacob will need surgery similar to what Trinity underwent last week. James hopes seeing how well she's doing will ease Jacob's fears, but it's not just Jacob's fears Trinity is calming.

His mother, Chrystal says, "It makes me think it will be okay and that he'll be fine."

The instant the two met, you could hear the happiness in little Jacob's laugh. You just know by watching them together, these kindred spirits are going to be best friends for a very long time.

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