Judge grants restraining order for tiny abused dog

judge is this dog's best friend.

Bebe, a 5-year-old bichon frise, a fluffy little white dog, was given an order of protection after a man was accused of beating him.

Fredrick Fontanez, 20, was arraigned Thursday on a misdemeanor count of animal abuse and released on his own recognizance, but not before the judge told him to steer clear of Bebe.

The protection order, the first for a dog in the state, was issued by Queens Criminal Court Judge Alex Zigman. It says Fontanez cannot come within a 100 yards of the dog and its owner, Derek Lopez.

Bebe was found badly beaten July 20 in Lopez's apartment, where Fontanez was staying, a criminal complaint said.

Lopez, 27, says he had to go to work and left Bebe with Fontanez, trusting the dog would be safe. When he returned hours later, he found a severely bruised Bebe, who "winced, yelped and cried" at the slightest touch, the complaint said.

One of Lopez's neighbors said he heard the whimpering dog and saw Fontanez inside the apartment at the time.

A veterinarian said the 14-pound dog, a type of toy spaniel known for its merry temperament and inquisitive expression, had been repeatedly hit or kicked.

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