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Hundreds Rally To Support "Team Tucker"

From the sidelines, to the bleachers, even the grocery store checkout line, everyone is joining "Team Tucker."

"It's been the talk of Chandler," said Brookshire's manager Chris Jones. "Everybody has talked about it. It touches your heart."

Tucker Thomison is a little boy but big a inspiration. Tucker was diagnosed with Leukemia two weeks ago.

His father is the offensive coordinator for the Brownsboro Bears. So Tucker would not feel alone in his battle, his aunt created the "Team Tucker" T-shirts. At first it was just for the family, but coach Thomison's players found out and the idea became the team's and the town's motivating motto.

"It means so much to my family to see the support from people we know, even people we don't know," Coach Thomison said. "People that are just concerned. We can't even express how much it means to us."

More than 1,000 shirts have already been sold to help raise money for Tucker's Leukemia treatments. The feeling of loneliness Tucker's family had feared, has now been fought away with overwhelming community support.

At Brownsboro's opening game against Jacksonville it was a sea of "Team Tucker" shirts not only worn by Brownsboro fans but by the Jacksonville coaching staff.

"I knew they were going to wear it but I still have goose bumps," said Tucker's aunt, Jamie Boyd. "I mean that is why we are so proud to live in East Texas because the response has been overwhelming."

"For an 8-year-old kid he probably doesn't really understand it all," said Coach Thomison. "He's kind of like why is everybody making such a big deal over me? But when he sees everybody, all his little friends, and the Bears, the coaches, the Jacksonville coaches wearing the shirts with his name on it, it brings a big grin to his face."

Just before the start of the game, Tucker and his family arrived, parking in a special spot in the end zone reserved just for him. Tucker had undergone chemotherapy just hours before the start of the game, and he was not feeling very well, but he wanted to be there, just to see the faces of hundreds of strangers supporting him.

A group of Jacksonville students and parents presented the Thomison's with a $1,200 donation. The money was raised through fundraisers and through the sale of "Team Tucker" T-shirts.

"I think it's really just to show Tucker how much we really care that he gets to feeling better and I think on our part it's good sportsmanship," said Jacksonville cheerleader Alanna Tarrant. "We want to win but we want Tucker to feel well also."

"We had about 48 hours and we just decided to do it because we thought it was a good thing to do," said JHS cheerlead Audreanna Boseman. "We just basically went around the schools and told them about it."

Tucker's fight against Leukemia continues. But Friday night it became clear, he will fight it with the army of East Texans that have given would they could to help.


Maya Golden, Reporting:

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