Living Spaces: Kitchen Makeover Winner

Congratulations Shelli Burd!

The Living Spaces Kitchen Makeover WINNER!

Shelli Burd Entry

  1. I am a 35 year old mother and wife with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Kitchen drawers have no rollers and are extremely painful to use day to day.
  2. My house was built in 1938 and I believe the stove and oven range are original.  Very Old!
  3. The only updating the cabinets have had is paint.
  4. I have to wash dishes before using them because of chipped paint constantly falling into them in the cabinet.  Probably lead based!
  5. There are burnt holes and tears in the vinyl flooring.
  6. My refrigerator is in what is supposed to be the breakfast room because it doesn't fit in the proper place.
  7. My kitchen is the eye sore of my house!