Living Spaces: Kitchen Makeover 2006 - Finalist #2

Josh and Molly Oberheide

  1. Our home has a very open floor plan, so the kitchen is one of the first things people see as they enter the house- HELP!!!
  2. My husband and I both work for non-profit organizations, so we'll never be able to afford a new kitchen on our own.
  3. We love to cook, eat and entertain so our friends and family will enjoy our new kitchen alongside us.
  4. We are newlyweds and this is our first house.  Winning a kitchen will give us a great start on fixing up our new (old) home.
  5. If you want spectacular before and after photos, our kitchen would be perfect.
  6. Our kitchen is currently not practical- it needs professional help!
  7. And most of all we both grew up in homes where the kitchen was the central gathering place.  We have many happy memories of those times and would love to create that in our own home.