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Living Spaces: Kitchen Makeover 2006 - Finalist #1

Rusty Fennell

  1. My husband is an honest, hard working minister, but he doesn't have an ounce of carpentry skills in his entire body.  He'll need the power of prayer and seven on his side to redo our kitchen.
  2. My wife tries to "fix it," but she doesn't know how to finish it.  So she winds up painting over it.  She has painted the countertops, the cabinet knobs, the refrigerator, and the stovetop hood vent and they are all peeling.
  3. Despite being washed in bleach, given a coat of Killz and two coats of paint, our mold covered dark brown paneled cabinets still bleed through in places.
  4. Our oven is so old; we tried to show it on the Antiques Road Show.  They referred us to the Sanford and Son show.
  5. Our kitchen countertops look like they should have been used on the set of "The Seventies Show."
  6. Some genius tore out the cabinets above the oven and stuck the microwave in the hole.  The hole is way too big for the unreachable microwave that slides back and forth upon using.  Does it work?  Yes.  Does it look good?  No!!!
  7. Paint chipped refrigerator.  $250.  Our daughter colored our paint chipped refrigerator with a sharpie.  Priceless: There are some things money can't buy.  For everything else there's Living Spaces Kitchen Makeover!
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