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Longview Residents Question E-mail Firings

       Texas- based "Radio Shack" is being criticized for using e-mail to fire people, leaving many East Texans wondering the boundaries of emailing.  When news spread about Radio Shack's emails saying employees were fired, it sent shock waves to many Longview residents.

     "I feel sorry for those people because what about the people that don't have computers, we got an e-mail and now we don't have jobs," said Longview business owner Mickie Klotz.

     But that kind of communication without emotion is what some like about e-mailing.

   Bob: "Would you ever break up with somebody on e-mail?"

"Yeah I would, yeah I wouldn't have to see them again; it would be cut and dry," says Longview e-mail user Tracy Ray.

    And it's made letter writing almost obsolete. So the question is, will e-mail be the new pink slip? Bob Hallmark, bhallmark@kltv.com.

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