Think Bright Promotes Fruits And Veggies

Elementary school-aged children across the state will soon be sporting some new jewelry thanks to the state's Agricultural Department.

Agricultural Commissioner Susan Combs was at Dixie Elementary School in Tyler today to kick-off the new program.

Combs was handing out bracelets reading 'Think Bright,' along with goodie bags full of other stuff like aprons and stickers.  It was all to encourage kids to eat more colorful fruits and veggies.

"By giving the wrist band that says, 'Think Bright' and the package that we gave, we want them to talk to their parents and have a daily conscienceness-raising about eating better," says Combs.

2.1 million bracelets will be arriving at schools across the state over the next few days. Commissioner Combs says it's important to teach kids healthy habits at a young age, or they won't learn them later.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: