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Go, Slow, Woah Foods Help Kids Eat Healthy

The colors of a traffic light are universally understood. Green means go. Yellow means slow down, and red means, woah! You better stop.

Brown Elementary School is using those same colors to teach kids about healthy eating.

Rhonda Cates is the school's P.E. and health teacher.

Point this is your slow food. This here is your go food. This is your slow food here and this is woah.))[50] p.e. Teacher rhonda cates introduced the c.a.t.c.h program at brown elementary last year. [runs=5] [3:22]((they would call me over and tell me, "this is not fattening but this is bad for you.))[27] it teaches kids to determine how often different foods should be eaten. Those foods are categorized in the lunch line as either go foods labeled green. Slow foods labeled yellow. Or woah foods labeled bright red. It's a system the kids are really getting the hang of. [runs=8] [12:51]((this is a go food. What about a peach? that would be a go food.))[59] [runs=8] [14:56]((french fries. What kind of a food are those? those are probably a woah.))[04] the kids not only know what foods are healthiest. They know why it's important to eat them. [runs=11] [16:24]((if you eat the foods that you can only have every once in a while, and you eat them all the time, then you can get too fat and be overweight.))[35] the program is being introduced district wide this year. Teachers hope by introducing nutrition early on, they can put the brakes on america's epedemic obesity problem. In whitehouse/lindsay wilcox/kltv 7 news.

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