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8/31/06-Kennedy Space Center, FL

Launch Rescheduled For Next Week

NASA will try again on Wednesday of next week to launch the space shuttle Atlantis.

The decision came after an inspection of the Kennedy Space Center following a pass by a weakened Tropical Storm Ernesto. Officials found no damage.

At one point on Tuesday, NASA started to move the shuttle back to the vehicle assembly building. But as the storm forecast improved, the shuttle was turned around and brought back to the launch pad.

The launch time is now set for 12:29 p-m, Eastern time, on Wednesday. If the liftoff doesn't take place then, NASA has launch opportunities in the two days after that.

The six astronauts on Atlantis will resume construction of the international space station.

The launch was supposed to take place earlier this week, but the approaching storm and a lightning strike on the launch pad forced NASA to delay it.

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Posted By 6pm News Producer Kelly Hefelfinger

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