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Deputy Daniel Leon Talks About The Day He And Constable Geddie Were Shot

It was a day, I'm sure you remember, when Smith County Constable Dale Geddie was killed in the line of duty.   Today, Deputy Daniel Leon, who was wounded that day, was given an award in honor of his heroic efforts. The honor, named after Constable Geddie.

Tonight for the first time, we hear from Deputy Leon.  He talked about what happened that day.  For Deputy Daniel Leon, June 7th was a normal day, until a little after 11 o'clock in the morning.

"I actually cleared a call when deputies called out, for assistance.  I proceed there to go to his location," says Deputy Leon.

In minutes, Deputy Leon got to the scene where Constable Dale Geddie had already been shot.

"I really didn't check my surrounding like I should but my first thoughts was to get him to safety.  That's all that was going through my mind at that time.   They told me to take cover and it might have been the radio, I don't know somebody told me to take cover.  I took cover and then a few seconds later shot were fired and I was hit.   I was on the ground and took cover underneath Dale's car," says Deputy Leon.

Deputy Leon was shot just a few feet away from Constable Geddie.

"The Sergeant arrived and waved me to his location.  I crawled and he ran towards me, grabbed me from behind and picked me up and dragged me out to his car," says Deputy Leon.

Once he was in the ambulance, his wife, Claudia got a call she knew one day she might get.

"I just stood there blank and after that I let her know to reassure him that I was on my way and I left," says Claudia Leon.

Since then, he's had reconstructive surgery, and is looking forward to getting back to work. Deputy Leon also says at this point forward, he's going to be more cautious when responding to calls.  

Deputy Leon has a doctor's appointment next Wednesday and is hoping, after that, he will be able to return to work.  

A tragedy fund has been set up for the family, to help with medical and other expenses. Donations can be made at any Southside Bank location.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. 

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