Unruly Passenger Disrupts Tyler Plane, Pilot Calls For Help

Around 8 p.m., Tyler Regional Pounds Airport got a call from a pilot asking for help.   The airport manager told KLTV 7 News, the pilot needed help with an unruly passenger and that the crew would need law enforcement when they landed.

This was scheduled flight from Houston to Tyler.  One of the passengers on the plane said another passenger was drunk, and would not stop talking on his cell phone. The passenger also said, the disruptive man would not obey requests from flight attendants. The airport manager says, it was not a major disturbance. However, these situations are taken very seriously.

"This case was a minor incident on the aircraft.  We take it very seriously and I think our officers did so and make sure of everyone's safety upon their arrival in Tyler," says Davis Dickson, Tyler Pounds Regional Airport Manager.

"He went off peacefully, he saw the police officers and I think that frightened him but like I said he wasn't being aggressive or anything.  He was just drunk and talking too much," says Ralph Garcia, passenger.

The passenger causing the disturbance was escorted by police out of the airport. We are told he was released into his parent's custody.  He was not a minor.

Dickson says they are trained to respond to situations like this when they occur.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com