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Strayhorn Campaigns In Longview

     A political independent seeking the Texas governors office made a campaign stop in Longview. The independent governors' candidate "Carole Strayhorn" dropped by east Texas regional airport today. Strayhorn announced she's received the endorsement of the "Texas state teachers association" and the "Texas federation of teachers". She says while education is her top priority, a renewed commitment is needed to help local farmers and ranchers struggling through this drought.

     "Water is critical to this state and not something solved overnight , we need long term plans for the state, the drought has been devastating, in a strayhorn administration we're going to put the people first not the special interest first" says Strayhorn.

      Strayhorn is now headed to Houston, the hometown of democratic candidate Chris Bell. Right now, bell is edging out Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman in the polls to unseat governor Rick Perry.

Bob Hallmark/Reporting:

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