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Team Tucker Taking Off In Brownsboro

Tucker Thomison is the All-American kid. Those that know him say he was running before he was walking, and isn't happy unless he has a ball in his hand. So you can imagine his family's surprise, when a routine checkup took a dramatic twist.

"He went from the first day of school, a normal second grader," explained his aunt, Jamie Thomison Boyd, "to that night being at Children's Hospital in Dallas with a possible leukemia diagnosis, which they did diagnose the next day."

Tucker's Dad Ty was on the football field when he found out. He is the offensive coordinator for the Brownsboro Bears.

"To find out he had something like this was really, I mean a big blast from nowhere," said Ty Thomison.  "We had no idea."

Ty quickly left practice and joined his family in Dallas. That's when his players, almost out of instinct, did something unexpected.

"As soon as we found out, Coach (John) Settle called us all together," said senior lineman Oran Lewis, "and we broke out instantly on Tucker."

"Tucker on three! 1-2-3, Tucker!"

"Coach Settle actually called me as they were walking off the field after it happened," said Coach Thomison.  "He didn't know they were going to do it, and when he told me about it, it did, it choked me up."

"Coach T, he's like always been there for us," said senior LB/RB Jonathon Johnson, "so we're going to do the same for him."

Including passing helmets at "Meet the Bears" night, which collected more than $2,000. But that was just the start, thanks in part to an idea for a t-shirt.

"I was just sitting on the front porch, thinking what can we do?" said Tucker's aunt Kimbra Carnahan, "and I just thought of shirts, so he knew he wasn't alone, because, you know, we're a team."

Thus was born, "Team Tucker," a Brownsboro blue t-shirt with "Team Tucker" on the front, and number 5, Tucker's favorite number, on the back.  And, what was initially an idea for the immediate family, turned into an order for 800 Team Tucker shirts.

"When we told him and explained to him what everybody was doing," said Coach Thomison, "that they all had a shirt that had his name on it, he really gave us a big smile, and at that time, when we told him that, he hadn't been smiling a whole lot, so that was worth it, that right there was worth it alone."

The entire communities of Brownsboro and Chandler plan to wear their Team Tucker t-shirts all day Friday, including Friday night at the Bears season opener against Jacksonville.

"It's goinig to be cool man," said Johnson, "when you come to the game, you ain't going to see anything but Tucker Team #5, so ya'll get ready for that."

If you would like to help, you can donate to the "Tucker Thomison Fund" set up at any Citizen's National Banks in East Texas.   If you would like a Team Tucker t-shirt, you can purchase one for $12 or two for $20, by calling (903) 849-4849.  

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