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8/29/06-Havana, Cuba

Cuban T-V: Ernesto weakening over Cuba

 Cuban state T-V says Tropical Storm Ernesto is losing wind power on its march across Cuba.

A leading meteorologist says the one-time hurricane that killed a man in Haiti is unleashing heavy rains in pockets. But there have been no reports yet of damage or injuries in the six provinces where hurricane warnings were posted.

Cuba routinely orders mass evacuations before tropical storms and hurricanes to minimize injury and loss of life.

T-V broadcasts before the storm's arrival west of Guantanamo called on tourists to get out of resort hotels and on ranchers to move cattle to higher ground.

Baseball games scheduled for last night in Havana were played earlier in the day so they'd be complete well before Ernesto's arrival.

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Posted By 6pm News Producer Kelly Hefelfinger

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