Proud Of East Texas: Gatlin Brothers

The newest stars in the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame in Carthage are thr Gatlin Brothers: Steve, Larry and Rudy. The brothers have been singing together since they were toddlers and 40 years later, they are still in harmony.

Larry Gatlin was only six years old.  His brothers Steve was four years old and Rudy was two years old when they made their singing debut. Gospel was their first type of music with country soon following. While on a football scholarship at the University Of Houston, Larry began polishing his emerging songwriting skills.

When Larry went to Nashville with his brothers following soon after, success came quickly. Songs such as "Houston", "Broken Lady" and "All The Gold In California" made the Gatlins rich and famous.

While most groups have broken up over the long run, the Gatlins say they've stayed together because they love each other and they love music. They feel privileged to be doing what they love to do and what they feel they were born to do:  entertain.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.