An East Texas City Is Put Under A Water Restriction

Another East Texas city is under a water conservation program because of the summer's drought and lack of rain. White Oak residents now have to follow a mandatory drought contingency plan.  That means watering lawns, washing cars, and filling swimming pools is limited to two days a week for the next several months. City officials say it's because of Big Sandy Creek's low flow levels.

Some White Oak residents we spoke with say they don't mind the restriction, considering the situation. "It's just a minor way to assure that we have water through the drought.  Then that's a very smart and wise thing to do and I think that all the people in White Oak will very much support that decision," said White Oak resident Dan Mitchell.

White Oak residents may water their lawns and fill their pools on certain days according to their address and only during the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Even house numbers get their turn on Sunday and Thursday.  Odd house numbers get Saturday and Wednesday.

Tracy Watler, Reporting.