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Daycare's Take Extra Precautions To Keep Children Safe

Kids are back at school, but because of the extreme heat, recess may not be the same. Outside, schools and day cares are having to take extra safety precautions to protect children. Katherine Smith, the director of Tyler Day Nursery, says the daycare uses a different schedule this time of year.

"We modify their outdoor time," said Smith. "We start early in the morning when it's cooler. They have briefer periods of time outdoors." Smith says they also keep extra water around, and when the children do play outside they can only use the equipment that's in the shade.

"Slides will get very hot," said Smith. "If we touch it and we don't want to keep our hand on it for even a split second we don't want the children anywhere near it."  Tyler Day Nursery has an indoor facility it uses when it's raining outside, but right now with the extreme heat workers say they use the building everyday.  

"We can pretty much do what they do outdoors here," said Smith "We have ball play and tunnels they can go through." Doctor William Moore says it's important to watch a child outdoors because they overheat faster than an adult, and when they do, they don't know it.

"A child is fairly compact, but the head is overly large and there is a lot of circulation in the head," said Dr. Moore, Emergency Room Physician, ETMC. "It actually can get hotter quicker than an adult. If a child becomes confused and you touch them and their just hot, but very dry they have already lost their ability to sweat and now they are going to get sick." To keep them safe, children may see a little less sun this time of year, but inside the children at Tyler Day Nursery are still having fun.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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