East Texas Woman Who Owes $2,000 In Parking Tickets Appears In Court

For weeks, the City of Tyler has had a list of cars they are giving the boot, for unpaid parking tickets. Today, the person at the top of the list finally appeared before a judge to try to settle her debt.

Last month, we followed City Marshals as they put the boot on cars, preventing parking violators from driving off.

"One of the highest ones today is over 2,000 that we are looking for," says Cam McCabe, Administrator at Municipal Court.

Eventually, they spotted that vehicle, but when they arrived with the boot, the car was gone. That same day, we found the person responsible for all those tickets. Cindi, she works on the square at Texas Cash Finance.

Today, more than 6 weeks later, she appeared before Judge Richard Patteson in Municipal Court.

"How do you plead to the case?" asks Judge Patteson.

"No contest," says Cindi.

"To all of the tickets?" asks Judge Patteson.

"Yes," says Cindi.

She is now on a payment plan until she gets those tickets paid off. Cindi later explained to us, just how she accumulated so many tickets.

"A lady that use to work for the City of Tyler told us girls downtown not to worry about, but it years ago so..." says Cindi.

She says that reason and money issues lead to her procrastination.

Her down payment made, Cindi is now going back to work to take care of the rest.

"I've got to go to work so I can make some money to pay the tickets," says Cindi.

This time, putting her car in a parking garage.

Tyler City officials remind you that they are still booting cars for unpaid parking tickets.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com