Dress Code Shaking Things Up For Whitehouse High Parents, Students

When it comes to my daughter, "I'm the strictest one about what she wears,"  Rick Lane, Whitehouse father said.

Rick has the snapshots of what she (his daughter) wore on the first day of school. His reaction when it didn't pass the dress code test? "To put it mildly, upset because she doesn't dress going out in public inappropriately," he said.

Lane is not the only parent caught by surprise. Cyndi Beck's daughter had a similar outfit on. Beck said her daughter was immediately stopped by an assistant principal when Beck dropped her child off. "I said M'am, can you please explain to me why she's can't wear that shirt?' She said, 'Because it's showing skin,'" recalls Beck. That's when she confronted the assistant principal.

Parents said the conflict: the dress code is too vague. Low cut clothing exposing the neck or underarm, one of the dress code restrictions, is why these girls got in trouble.

But Ms. Beck found out, what was considered low cut to one administrator, was different for another.

"'Have you talked to principal [Tony Black]?'," Beck says she was asked by Whitehouse ISD. "I said 'Yes, and [Black's] saying that if he would have seen [my daughter] walking down the hall he would have never stopped her.'," says Beck.

We obtained drill team pictures. The shorts and tank tops would violate the dress code, but are allowed to be worn during their practice period. Parents also say last year cheerleaders were allowed to wear their uniforms to school. Whitehouse ISD says cheerleading uniforms are only being allowed during pep rallies.

But officials declined our request for an on camera interview, as did the High School Principal Tony Black. It's no question for Lane, the interpretation of the dress code is flawed. Especially when his daughter wore this same top to school again. "She has worn it since then yes.  She didn't get in trouble," said Lane shaking his head. Parents are hoping school officials will hear their concerns and clarify some restrictions, now that the issue is out of the closet.

Whitehouse ISD says the decisions by high school administrators are final and parents were warned the high school would enforce the dress code strictly.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com