Police Search Donald Gray's House

New information tonight, about the former Tyler bus driver accused of video taping women's body parts outside a Tyler mall.  KLTV 7 has found out what evidence police seized last night, when they executed a searched warrant at 53 year old Donald Lee Gray's home. Police charged Gray with improper photography and visual recording.  Today, we spoke with one of Gray's neighbors, who was home at the time of the search.

"We just stood there and watched and they brought out a bunch of bags," says Neighbor.

One of Gray's neighbors agreed to talk to KLTV 7, only if we did not reveal his, or her identity.

"They took more pictures than I could count. The front door had been left open and you could see into the house and the stuff was pilled everywhere," says Neighbor.

The neighbor told us, police searched Gray's home for more than an hour last night.

"From the way the house looked there was just piles and piles of stuff.  It wasn't like a normal looking house with everything put where it was supposed to be and organized it was everywhere, who knows what they found," says Neighbor.

According to the search warrant, police recovered: two computer towers, an external hard drive, digital camera, 39 CD backups, 36 floppy discs and 3 VHS tapes.

During the search last night neighbors did say, Gray just sat outside.

"When it was all said and done he acted like nothing was wrong. He acted like everything was fine and it was all a joke," says Neighbor.

Leaving neighbors wondering who really lives next door.

Again, Gray was a Tyler ISD school bus driver for 8 years.  KLTV 7 also found out today, Gray was the bus driver for special needs kids at elementary and middle schools.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com