New Development Means Big Things For Longview

More shopping and new jobs for folks in Longview. A huge shopping center called Towne Center is being developed at the intersection of 259 and Hawkins Parkway in Longview. In fact, Cheddar's Restaurant and a movie theater are already up and running.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Nearly 15 new buildings, all thousands of square-feet, will soon be popping up in Longview.  Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman, Lester Lucy, says, "it's a very large's a big deal for Longview, it really is a big deal."

While it may be a big field right now, in just a couple of years, city leaders say the 50 acres will be home to dozens of new restaurants and retailers, like Target and Kohl's, bringing with them places to shop and eat, but also jobs and ultimately money to the city.

"It improves our tax base, it makes it more desirable for people to relocate here, for businesses to do business here, for retirees to come to live here, for just anything," Lucy says.

That's something Longview residents say they're excited about.  "I think it's a real positive step forward for Longview.  I think anytime you bring in new development you're going to up the excitement level for the people that live here and keep more of the economy in Longview as opposed to people traveling around," says Kimberly Fish, a Longview resident.

"I think it's great, for one I just live right down the road, so it's not going to do anything but increase the value of property and make everything so much more close and convenient," says Pam McGaugh, a Longview resident.

So as long as the city's economy keeps booming and more developers keep coming...many residents feel..."it's a great time to be in Longview," says Lucy.

Buffalo Wild Wings is the newest development currently under construction on the site. It is still unknown exactly when the entire shopping center is expected to be done.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: