Lint Wizard: "Does It Work?"

It's tough to imagine now, but before you know it, the weather will change and we'll be pulling out our black suites, jackets and dresses. And when you do, you'll want to keep you lint brush handy. Tonight, a new "As Seen On TV" model gets put to the "Does It Work?" test. The Lint Wizard is billed as the self cleaning lint brush. "The easiest way to remove lint," it says on the package.

For years I've just used a masking tape lint remover. The Lint Wizard is supposed to step us up into the 21st century. First impression? It's very light weight. The plastic construction does not give you the feel of a solid piece of equipment, built to last. It has at least two buttons and a clear plastic door. We check the instruction where we figure it all out. One button switches between the two cleaning surfaces. The other button is the latch on the aforementioned door. The door opens to the hollow area on the backside of the lint cleaning surfaces.  The hollow area is where the dirt and lint collects during cleaning.

We covered a black suit coat with white lint from a towel. The Lint Wizard made quick work of it. When one of the Lint Wizard's cleaning surfaces got full, we flipped the switch and cleaned with the other surface.

Now, about the cleaning. Here's what you do. Flip the switch back and forth between cleaning surfaces and the Lint Wizard "cleans itself" eventually sending the lint from both sides of the brush, back to the dirt receptacle. It worked. And when the lint fell into the receptacle, we opened the door and easily dumped it out.

This is where things got ugly. The slippery, lightweight gadget just slipped out of my hand and fell to the ground and shattered into several pieces. It was no more than three feet from the ground and just fell apart when it landed. I was able to piece most of it back together and make it functional again, but frankly, we were disappointed at the flimsy construction.

My old lint brush has taken a beating over the years and it pops up every time. I must take that into account.

"Does It Work?" We're leaning toward a "no" but since it showed some merit we give the Lint Wizard a "maybe."

The Lint Wizard is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $9.99.

Joe Terrell, reporting.