Tyler Man Arrested For Improper Videotaping, Former TISD Bus Driver

Source: Smith County Sheriff's Department
Source: Smith County Sheriff's Department

New Information about the Tyler man, who was arrested for videotaping people outside of Broadway Square Mall this weekend. Until today, 53-year-old Donald Lee Gray was a TISD Bus Driver, according to the T.I.S.D. spokeswoman, Angela Jenkins.

On Saturday, Witnesses told Tyler police that Gray was in his car videtaping people walking in and out of the mall. Officers later arrested Gray for outstanding traffic warrants.   Police say they located evidence inside the car to get three warrants for Improper Photography and Visual Recording and arrested Gray yesterday.

"Where the law is broken is if you're videotaping in some type of a crued manner where you're zoning in on areas that shouldn't be photgraphed, or you think they are improper," said Officer Don Martin, Tyler Police Department. "You don't have the consent of the person to do so and you can definitely prove it's for some type of sexual arousal"   The video police say show Gray taped body parts of several women. Gray's bail is $300,000.00.

Jenkins, TISD Spokeswoman confirmed Gray was employed by T.I.S.D as a bus driver. Jenkins also said Gray turned in his resignation today (8/21); however, she was not able to say, or for how long.

The district was unable to give specific information about Gray's bus route.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com