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Tyler City Marshals Hunt Down Unpaid Ticket Violators

An unpaid ticket might just be your ticket to jail. Today, the City of Tyler started it's Municipal Court warrant sweep. City Marshals are arresting anyone who still owes parking, traffic, or other fines.  Today we followed while some of the warrants were carried out.

"28 this morning," says Dave Decur, Marshal with City of Tyler.

Decur is on the hunt for unpaid ticket violators.   His first stop today, ETMC to find Vernell Watson.  She owes $553.00 in unpaid fines. After waiting for a while, Decur got a call.

"Thanks.  She went up to Municipal Court.  She is at the window and they took her into custody up there at court. So that one's taken care of," says Decur.

Decur says sometimes people try to avoid being arrested, but in Watson's case, it didn't work.

"All we are trying to do is get them to take care of there business with Municipal Courts.  I can understand people get nervous or get scared and then they want to run down there and take care of it rather than talking to an officer. So as long as it gets the same result that's all that matters," says Decur.

Our next stop, Abundant Life Ministries. Decur is looking for Pastor Janice Thompson who owes more than $900.

"I guess, Janice Thompson is not here, that's what he is telling me," says Decur.

However, Decur did find another violator at the church.  26 year old Eddy Girley has 5 outstanding traffic tickets totaling over $1,500.

"We will take care of Mr. Girley and take him to Municipal Court and go from there," says Decur.

The advice this City Marshal has....save yourself the hassle and just pay your tickets.

"If they don't, they can expect to be seen from one of us... sooner or later," says Decur.

Municipal Court officials tell us the warning period before this sweep paid off, on Friday, 150 warrants were taken care of.  During the next 2 weeks, the court is expecting to collect over $40,000 in unpaid tickets.  

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com 

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