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Police InvestigateThree More Longview Shootings

     A flurry of shootings have Longview residents worried that the violence is starting up again. Calls of "shots fired" had Longview police hustling from three separate crime scenes.  

    "It seems like every day it's something and for what" said Longview resident Kenneth Nelson.

   Around 2-pm today police were called to a shooting at the intersection of Mobberly avenue and Timpson street. Witnesses say two young men were arguing when one took out a gun and shot the other man in the arm.

    "It's scary man, scary scary scary, to see this right in your face, seems like it should be on television but you're looking at it yourself , you can feel the death you know" said south side resident Fredrick Brown.

     The shooter fled and the victim was transported to a hospital and is expected to recover. Little consolation to neighbors who want the violence to stop.

    "It don't matter day or night it's going to happen, you can't do nothing the killing is like a disease and man why! I want it to stop" said Nelson.

    A 9-1-1 call brought police to a residence in the 900 block of "Noel drive" around 10 PM yesterday. Police say two suspects kicked in the door and attempted to rob the owner, "Pedro Sanchez". When Sanchez resisted, Sanchez was beaten with a pistol, and the gun went off and hit one of the suspects.

    "Pedro had been shot , she said they shot him" said Sanchez neighbor.

     The suspects were identified at a local hospital. 31- year- old "Demetrick Cortez Christian" was arrested and is charged with "burglary of a habitation" and "intent to commit a felony."   the second suspect remains hospitalized from the injury. By law, police must be notified of any gunshot wound victims.

     A third shooting happened at a home on the 14- hundred block of Valley drive, as police say a domestic argument led to a drive by shooting around 11:50 last night. No one was injured but the homeowner's house received several bullet holes. Police later arrested 23 year old "Fredrick Wilson" of Hallsville and charged him with felony deadly conduct. The flurry of shootings have many in Longview afraid to go outside.

    "I worry about myself every day I got to try to stay alive its tough out here on the streets" says Brown.

   They hope the worst is over. Bob Hallmark/bhallmark@kltv.com.  

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