Freedom Fighter: Ebb Smith

Ebb Smith served in the 57th Fighter Group during World War Two, the first U.S. fighter group to down a German plane and the first and only fighter group to fly over four thousand missions. The first assaignment of the 57th was to push back the Germans in North Africa.
  The Germans were under the command of Field Marshqal Erwin Rommel, known as "The Desert Fox" because of his prowess in war. Smith calls his group "The Desert Rats" but reminds us that the rats ran the off the fox.
  From Africa, Smith and the 57th fought through Malta, Sicily, and the east coast of Italy. From Northern Italy, the 57th supported the Allied advance into Southern France. Smith and other members of the 57th received three Presidential Citations, along with other medals, for their many successful operations.

Reported By Joan Hallmark;