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Drivers Are Asked To Use Extra Precaution For First Day Of School

Tyler Police say you should expect zero tolerance on the first day of school Monday. They're reminding you now to slow down in school zones. When lights are flashing on school zone signs like this one, the designated speed limit is in effect. Higher than usual traffic is expected, so safety officials suggest you give yourself a good head start on dropping your child off so you don't end up in a rush.  "We've got schools that are leveled out because of reconstruction. We'll have longer lines so be more patient. Watch for kids darting out in front of cars. You've got a lot of kids that like to cross mid-block as opposed to where the crossing guard is or at the intersection," says Tyler Police Public Information Officer Don Martin. Parents, if your kids walk or ride a bicycle to school remind them to use a sidewalk. Drivers should be on the lookout for crossing guards and obey their directions. You must stop and give them enough room as they help kids cross the street. For school buses, when their flashing red lights are on, come to a complete stop and don't move until the bus moves forward and the flashing lights are off.

Again, zero tolerance for violators. Police in Tyler and Longview say they will have extra patrols out and if you're pulled over expect to get a ticket.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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