Father Searching For Fugitive Sex Offender

A registered sex offender in Longview is now wanted on a new charge of indecency with a child. Gregg County Sheriff's issued a warrant this week for 40 year old Stephen Paul Seuss. He's accused him of committing a sexual act against an underage relative of his former business partner.

"This man needs to be stopped and stopped now!" said 46 year old Michael England, the former business partner of Seuss.

He believes Seuss betrayed his trust.

"He stayed at my house when he broke up with his wife, I trusted him with my bank account, with my child, everything, he slept in my own home" said England.

England believes his business partner exposed himself to a family member. What angered England more was, on his own, he did a search of jail records and found that his former partner had numerous arrests, many of them involving children.

"I get it I start reading it and I'm like wholly cow! how can nobody know this, why isn't there a sign around his neck , a tattoo on his forehead , something!" says England.

"England" is now on a mission to put Seuss behind bars. He's printed up flyers, contacted law enforcement, and called anyone who may know anything about Seuss.

"He's got to be stopped, somebody out there knows where he is, and I'll go where ever I've got to go, I'll do whatever I've got to do but I will catch him. I don't want him caught ten years from now and her have to get on the stand because they lost paperwork and her have to point ot him" he says.

"This man is obviously become a fugitive, he knows the crime he's committed he knows he's wanted by law enforcement, and we're asking for the publics help and making every effort to take this man into custody" said Gregg County Sheriff Maxey Cerliano.

We talked with members of the Seuss family in Longview today who are making an appeal for Stephen to come forward and turn himself in. Jail records show he  served 6 years in prison on previous charges involving "indecency with a child."

Bob Hallmark, Reporting: bhallmark@kltv.com