Elderly Longview Man Brutally Murdered In His Home

The third murder in just two weeks for an East Texas town, the victim this time, an elderly blind man. While doing a welfare check last night, Longview Police found 75-year-old Alton Hicks dead inside his home. Police are giving few details on the murder except to say it is not related to the shootings in South Longview earlier this week.

Shock and tears as family members of Alton Hicks visit his home today--the home he was brutally murdered in just yesterday.

"I don't know why anybody would do something like this, I mean he didn't bother anybody, he was a good person, if you wanted anything all you had to do was ask, he'd give it to you, I just don't know why anybody would do this," says Jeannette Hicks, the victim's sister.

But some family members have their suspicions.  Because Hicks was 75-years-old and blind..."anybody know that him being blind that was an easy pick if you wanted to rob someone cause he couldn't identify he couldn't see you coming," says Reverend Nathaniel Jones, Hicks' brother.

"He's very trusting and apparently he trusted the wrong person," says Jeannette.

Aside from trusting, Hicks' friends and family say he was also a caring man. "He got along with everybody, he had a lot of friends," says Sharon Hill, Hicks' neighbor.

"He'd do anything for you if he could, as long as he could help you he would," says Nathaniel.

That's why they say his murder was senseless. "I mean he didn't deserve that...anything you needed he would help you," says Sharon.

And now family members will have to help each other "stay prayerful" during this trying time.

So far, through today, there have been nine homicides in Longview, compared to last year's seven. And in the past three years combined, there have been a total of 14 homicides. We also found out the most homicides ever was in 1994 with 15, and the next year, 1995, was the least with two.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com