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East Texas Area Saw Storm Damage

Storms came through parts of East Texas last night... And one area saw some damage.   Residents, near Norris Road, that's between FM 349 and Highway 259 in Kilgore.  Say the storm came rumbling through around 6 o'clock last night.   As you can see, trees were down blocking roads. Some residents experienced power outages, but the power was back on by morning. This house was the only property we could find with storm damage.  

"Seriously, I though it was going to take the house, I mean, cause it felt like it was going to suck us up. Scary, that's all I can explain it, scary," says Gaylia Smith, Kilgore Resident.

Gaylia also says the storm hit right after she watched.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com 

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