Longview Beautification Targets Tobacco Trash

A Longview city beautification project  is cracking down on tobacco litter at city parks. This month at Hinsley park they implemented the "cigarette litter prevention program." According to statistics, "tobacco related litter" accounts for more than 33- percent of all litter on Texas highways. The next phase of the program, is to install "12 cigarette litter receptacles" and give out about 1- thousand miniature ashtrays to park visitors.

"We're wanting to help clean up Longview that includes not only clean up but it includes prevention, so this is a prevention program to hopefully curb behaviors" said Lindsay Wilkins of the keep Longview beautiful program.

In just three hours this week, seven volunteers collected over 5,500 cigarette butts from hinsley park. The plan no is to set the receptacles, and come back in one month to see how often they are being used.