Texas Couple Shares Loss Of Child's Death

Another Texas couple says they know first hand what the Petty family is going through, they went through practically the same thing.   It happened over a year ago to a family in Maypearl Texas, that's about an hour south of downtown Dallas.   The couple spoke with us about their loss and what has gotten them through the last year.

"It takes you back to your story and the day your world was turned upside down," says Michele Terry, Mother of Mika.

14 months ago, Michele and Mike Terry's 6 month old daughter Mika died.

"It was not Mikey's routine to take the kids," says Michele.

Mikey had been laid off a few weeks earlier and was taking the youngest two, Macy and Mika, to daycare.

"It's the same daycare and the same facility but the daycare is in 2 different locations about 4 blocks away.  He dropped Macy off and when he was getting in the truck he got a call about a job he was anxiously waiting to hear about and not only that but there was one road that you always take and it was blocked," says Michele.

Still on the phone, Mikey went on to his temporary construction job. It was 4 hours later, when he remembered that Mika was still in his truck... but it was too late, she was already dead.

This is the first time Mikey has spoken publicly and there are still details he can't discuss.

"I don't like being around when she tells the story because it's just as hard now as it was then and I don't think it will get any easier," says Mikey Terry, Father of Mika.

When Mikey and Michele heard about 4 month old Kerrigan Petty they wanted people to understand it can happen to good parents.

"I was that guy a minute before I remembered, I was the guy saying how could people do that, what was he thinking what was going through his head.  I solely take responsibility for it and it eats me alive everyday. You do, in this day and age, where we are going ninety to nothing and nonstop, i know it sounds callous but you do forget," says Mikey.

And he still questions why it happened.

"I get mad and I holler and I ask God how could you let this happen.  Then I bare down and start praying for forgiveness because I want to be with Mika someday.  They say that God will not throw anything at you that you cannot handle, this has to be one of the worst he can throw at you," says Mikey.

Mikey says he has still not forgiven himself.

Mikey and Michele says the support from their community has helped them.

"The way our community rallied around us, I can only hope that Lindale and the surrounding communities do for the Petty's," says Michele.

"If you got family and friends and your church family that what's important to lean on," says Mikey.

He says the support of his wife has helped.

"I can absolutely say I have never blamed him.  I just know that he didn't intend on taking her from us and it was a mistake," says Michele.

A mistake, Mikey knows his two daughters will ask about some day.

"One day they are going to ask me why and I am going, I just can't brush it off," says Mikey.

He says he is going to tell them the truth.  He forgot.

Family, friends and their faith continues to get them through.

"I just know that I will hold her again in heaven and that keeps me going until that time comes," says Michele.

Mikey was not charged with Mika's death. The grand jury heard the case and ruled it as a no bill, that Mika's death was an accident.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com