Police Arrest Man For 226th Time

Kevin Holder has 16 different mug shots.
Kevin Holder has 16 different mug shots.

Lincoln police on Monday morning arrested a man for the 226th time after, police said, he was breaking into vehicles.

Kevin Holder, 41, has a 43-page criminal history that stretches back to 1980. Lincoln police have his mug shot on file 16 different times.

"He's very well known to Lincoln police officers. He's a prolific career criminal," said Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady.

Holder's latest run-in with the law was Sunday morning, when Lincoln police arrested him after a short pursuit.

"He had burglar tools in his possession he had goods taken out of four different cars," Casady said.

His list of charges includes theft, trespassing, assault, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia and child abuse. Many of Holder's offenses are misdemeanors for which he paid fines and was released. He spent 18 months in prison beginning in 1990, four years in 1996 and another year in 2002.

"Your average Nebraskan thinks after a prisoner has committed a certain number of crimes (he) will be put away for a long period of time. That doesn't happen," Casady said.

Even with Holder's 226 arrests, Casady said, he doesn't even crack the top 10 habitual criminal list. Casady said there are a number of people that have over 500 arrests.

A habitual criminal law in Nebraska states that if someone spends a year in prison on each of two prior felonies and is found guilty on a third felony, a judge has to sentence him or her to 10 to 65 years if the prosecutor seeks it. It does not apply to misdemeanors.

Courtesy of KETV news in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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