Homeowners Learn They Don't Own The Home They Paid For In Full

Racquel Prado holds in her hand the copy of her $27,000 check, money she paid Pleasant Homes for the home she has not been made the rightful owner to. 
  "[Pleasant Homes] told me the title is coming,  it is coming in four or five weeks but I never got it," says Prado.
  Joseph and Pam Davis are in the same position. Learning they don't own the $25,000 home they paid for was devastating. "If I wasn't going to have a trailer, what happens next? I have a kids and a wife. Am I going to be on the streets?." says Joseph with uncertainty. 
  His wife Pam adds, "I don't want them to come get this house. I love this house."
  Prado and The Davis' are among the victims listed in this lawsuit, filed against Pleasant Homes and its owner Billy Alt. B-Tex Homes, LTD issued the suit. It alleges Pleasant Homes never paid the lien to B-Tex, after these consumers were sold their homes. Therefore the homeowners were never given the titles.
  "B-Tex could come to [the victims] and if ultimately Billy Alt doesn't pay then we would have to exercise our revenues, which is to go get the home," says Craig Crockett, B-Tex's attorney.
  "But we don't want to do that. we would rather Billy Alt pay us instead of stealing our money," says Crockett.  
  Crockett sent us overwhelming evidence showing Billy Alt agreed to pay the notes to B-Tex, once these mobile homes were sold. B-Tex says they're just as much the victim, claiming "breach of contract" and "fraud and conspiracy" in their suit. 
  "My position is this is a white collar crime.  This is an economic crime," says Crockett. These families never asked to be caught in the middle. 
  "All I want is my title and my house," says Prado standing by her front door. Whether they continue to be call their respective places home is out of their hands while the suit makes its way through the court system.
 We did not get a response from Billy Alt's lawyer before air time. We did learn from Tyler Police that the results of their investigation into Pleasant Homes have been given to the district attorney.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com