5 Shootings Within 12 Hours

Two people are in jail, the first arrests today in a string of drive-by shootings.   The violence started last night on South 12th Street in Longview.

Longview Police say Anthony Lamar Harvey challenged another man to a fight, then pulled out a gun and fired, injuring 19-year-old Decorian Allen.   Nearly two hours later, there was a drive-by on Wylie Circle.

Then, this morning, there were three more drive-bys, all within an hour. The first on Bolton Street, the second on Flanagan Drive, and the third on Margo Street. On Flanagan Drive, one woman was shot in the leg. She was taken to a local hospital.

Today, police arrested 29-year-old Toronto Lockridge and Corey Allen, both of Longview. They're each charged with Aggravated Assault in the shootings.   Officers believe the four drive-bys are in retaliation of last night's shooting on 12th Street.

Recently, Longview has had a string of shootings, including some last week on Mitchell and High streets.   At this time police say they do not believe these shootings are related to last week's, but it is still early in the investigation.

Longview Police also say they do not believe these shootings to be gang-related, but rather an organized group of individuals retaliating against one another.

These shootings are just the latest in an ongoing problem in Longview.  Last week,  several more shootings took place.

"We got so afraid we just dumped to the floor you know.  I was so afraid I couldn't even look out my window," says a Margo Street resident, who would not give us her name.

She says this morning she was eating breakfast with her grandson when she heard shots fired right outside her house. "It's just a lot of things going on now, I don't know. There has to be a resolution to this," she says.

And Police say they are getting to that resolution.  Longview Police Chief J.B. McCaleb says,"We're bringing in additional officers as needed to be staffed in these areas for high visibility and again to try to stop anyone that would behave this way.

This morning, police obtained these high power weapons from a car parked at the Margo street house. Police say they hope this recovery will not only stop the violence, but lead them to even more arrests.

"We're very concerned about anyone that discharges weapons in our city and we want to do all that we can to find them and bring them to jail," McCaleb says.

And so do neighbors..."It was just very frightening you know, very frightening," the woman says.

There have now been nine drive-by shootings in Longview. Last year there were five for the entire year.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.