Two-A-Day Practices & The Heat: Two Rival Football Teams, Same Strategy

Hundreds of East Texas teens began football two-a-days. And with the temperatures in the 100 degree mark... two high school rivals have a similar strategy.  Coaches are staying focused on the game and keeping their players hydrated.

It was already 83 degrees at ten o'clock in the morning, and the Robert E. Lee football team was on their second practice of the day.

"We get this done we don't worry about that kind of heat hopefully," says Mike Owens, Head Football Coach, Robert E. Lee High School.

Coach Owens and the athletic trainers say they are keeping a close eye on the players and making sure they drink plenty of water.

"We have got water everywhere, iced water, towels, you can see that hole set up over there if one goes down," says Coach Owens.

Water tanks, like this one, are set up at every workout station.

"We are always going to err on the side of safety for that. We take a break every 15 minutes, we take a long break in-between workouts and try to re hydrate because most of our kids are pretty well schooled in hydration. We tell them it's too late to start the day of practice, they need to start drinking a lot of water because it takes a day or so to build that up," says Coach Owens.

John Tyler Football Team also began two a days today. Coach Thomas Brooks says the trainers there had similar advice.

"We have water at practice and they can get water anytime they want.  When we do some drill where it takes a little out of them and the coaches will come and talk to them where they can get their energy back," says Coach Thomas Brooks, Head Football Coach with John Tyler High School.

John Tyler's second practice started at 2:30 this afternoon.

"This morning was a little cooler but we wanted to come and give them some heat. School starts on Monday and they are going to have to get in it anyway," says Coach Brooks.

Both Coaches says despite the heat, it's not stopping them from getting ready for their first games in a few weeks.

Coach Brooks and Coach Owens say they also watch their players' weight. If a player loses too much weight, because of dehydration, and does not regain it... That could be keep them out of a practice.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.