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Homeland Security Lowers Terror Threat Level

Passengers continue to deal with restrictions, but the limitations have loosened. On domestic flights, travelers are now allowed to carry small amounts of liquid non-prescription medication. But items like aerosols and mascara remain off limits, and the screening of passengers' shoes is now mandatory.

As for the investigation into the bombing plot, British authorities have released one of the 24 suspects arrested last week. But other planners may have gotten away.

"I have to be honest and say on the basis of what we know there could

be others out there, perhaps people we don't know," says British Home Secretary John Reid

U.S. Officials remain heavily involved in the investigation. But so far, they say they've uncovered no plans for an attack on american soil.

Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff says "we haven't, at this point, seen anything coming out of the British investigation that points to that, but that is the number one priority we have."

Investigators say the plot has the markings of Al Qaeda. But they aren't ready yet to blame the terror organization. In the meantime critics, including the Co-chairmen of the now disbanded 9-11 commission, say even though the plot was foiled, it was able to reveal some weaknesses.

"I think another attack will come. But i think the lesson is that the system works but it takes an awful lot of work to make the system work," says Lee Hamilton, former Co-chair 9/11 commission.

Even though the threat level has been reduced, travelers should be prepared to see more changes, including increased bag searches and gate inspections.

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