Troup Church Burglary

A rural community church is sounding the alarm bell for others like them, after being robbed sometime last week. 

Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church is on Highway 15 in Troup. When church members showed up last Wednesday night for a service, they noticed several things missing.

Church members still sang this morning, but it's not as loud as it could be.

When Pastor Jim Norman showed up for service last Wednesday night, he realized someone had been inside.  "I put my key in the door, and I turned the knob, and the door bumped about that far open," said Norman.

Inside, the thieves turned over a table, blocking the front entrance, and they stole the mixing board the church had been using.  "This is an old unit. The other one was donated to us by some friends that come to our 'singings', and it was gone. It was a newer model. It was a better machine," said Norman.

Also missing from the church are two amplifiers, a wireless microphone, a CD player and two TV sets.

Pastor Norman says what upsets him most is not what's missing. It's that the thieves could be so bold as to steal from a church.  "I have a hard time seeing putting bars on church windows. You know, years ago, they never locked church windows. They were a safe haven, and today, we have to lock doors, and I really hate that," said Norman.

He says if police catch whoever is responsible the church will press charges, but more than anything, he says he has something he'd like to say to them.  "We're to help one another and share the Gospel of Christ, and that would be what I would want to do," said Norman.

The church has insurance, but there is a $500 deductible. With a weekly offering of about $200 dollars, they say that will be difficult to pay for.

Lindsay Wilcox, Reporting.