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Neighbors Complain Of Trash In Henderson County Road

Trash is piling up and one East Texan says it's too close to her home.   The property she is complaining about is on County Road 3618 in Henderson County near Murchison.      

Sandra Russell has lived on County Road 3618 for more than two years and she says the problem is escalating. "Trucks and cars, tires, bottles, just everyday trash... anything you would find in a junk yard," said Russell.

Russell says she contacted Henderson County officials more than 10 times in the last year.   "Said they would have someone come out so far we haven't heard anything," she said.

Henderson County Fire Marshal Stacy Glover says she received Russell's complaint a few weeks ago. Glover says the county has a lot of complaints and they are two to three months behind.

Russell says she hasn't spoken to the landowners about the trash because they have had other disputes.

Billy Pruitt and his wife have lived here for three years and agree their property is an eye sore. "We have been working to clean it up and it was worse than this when we got it and it's just taking time. I work seven days a week, pretty much and my wife works and on the weekends we come in and clean. These old refrigerators was scattered all over the place and we are trying to get it all piled together where we can get it hauled off and cleaned up and stuff," he said.

Russell says she's also concerned about her neighbors' animals.   "They don't have anything to eat there. You can see these animals and they are not being taken care of," said Russell.  

"Most of these animals have been abused and neglected and my wife bring them in and we take care of them and find them homes," said Pruitt. 

Russell doesn't think what she's asking is unreasonable.   "Get the place cleaned up and get the animals tended to because it's not fair," said Russell. 

Glover said they will go out to the Pruitt's property. And if it is a public nuisance they will give them 30 days to clean it up and if not cleaned up a citation will be issued. Public nuisance is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $200.  

Karolyn Davis, Reporting.


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